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Let’s start with the why.

For some, it’s the mission. For others, it’s the technology. Many want to be part of a fast growing company. Still others love the challenge and who they work with.

Whatever your why is — we’d like to see if there’s a good fit for you at Eightfold.

We work together

We work together.

We celebrate together

And celebrate together.

We build together — with our customers too!

We build together — with our customers too!

What we believe in

There’s a deep seated belief at Eightfold that technology can make people’s lives better.  We’re one of the most advanced AI companies in the world — and we’re using it for good.


Our mission is very clear — the right career for everyone in the world. There are few companies that take on such big goals and even fewer that have the potential to actually do it. We even wrote a book about it.


There are a lot of companies that talk about diversity, but there are few that can actually make an impact on diversity globally. And we’re doing that with a diverse and inclusive team.

It’s time for a change.
Use AI for good.

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How we work

Our interactions with customers, colleagues and partners are guided by our values.

Our Values Extreme Ownership copy - Careers
Extreme Ownership

Our Values Compassion - Careers

Our Values Integrity - Careers

Our Values Transparency - Careers

Our Values Excellency - Careers

How we care and give back

We help veterans connect to the right jobs based on their experience.

Frontline Workers

We built a talent exchange to help with unemployment related to COVID.

A Better Future

Our technology empowers people to make a meaningful and lasting impact on diversity, equity and inclusion.

We’re hiring globally.
Come make an impact.

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