Department of Defense Agile Talent Employment

Department of Defense
agile talent employment

Department of Defense Agile Talent Employment

Talent rediscovery
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in a competitive environment

The U.S. military has significant and highly specialized skill needs, and also has millions of Reservists and National Guard members with specific skills and potential. How can technology match these needs and individuals in order to achieve critical missions? Learn how the Defense Innovation Unit of the United States is using Eightfold's Project Marketplace to build the GigEagle app to match members of the military with strategic projects.

GigEagle: Matching Department of Defense
mission needs with military personnel

Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform powers a talent marketplace app titled “GigEagle,” which matches DoD mission needs with military personnel, specifically Reservists and National Guard members, seeking short-term, project-based duties. The Eightfold platform helps connect DoD project managers with personnel who can best contribute to digital skill gaps on short-term projects.

Department of Defense Agile Talent Employment | Col. CJ Johnson

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