Augmenting Workday with Eightfold’s Career Hub

Augmenting Workday with Eightfold’s Career Hub

By seamlessly integrating Eightfold with Workday, employers unlock the potential that lies hidden in their employee base.

Augmenting Workday with Eightfold’s Career Hub


When paired with Workday, Eightfold’s AI-powered Career Hub transforms talent management. By providing personalized career paths and a consumer-grade experience, Career Hub creates equitable growth opportunities for every employee. Talent teams can use Career Hub to get more out of their Workday data; benchmark capabilities, identify skill gaps, and implement a more agile and effective talent strategy with Eightfold’s predictive machine learning and real-time insights.

Find in this white paper:

  • Unlocking the talent potential in Workday
  • Aligning talent strategy to business needs
  • Retaining top and diverse talent
  • Creating a consistent, engaging employee experience
  • Transform career pathing and development

Use AI to understand and unlock the potential of a diverse global workforce.

Workday is one of the leading HCM systems and holds an essential place in the HR technology stack. However, employers need more than that to proactively develop and maintain effective talent strategy.

Eightfold is the only purpose-built AI talent suite that empowers employers to plan and execute data-driven talent strategies that deliver meaningful business outcomes. It is not a replacement for Workday; instead, it “sits on top of” Workday as a system of intelligence, and integrates with other systems across the HR tech stack, enabling employers to get more value out of their HR applications and the massive amount of talent data they contain.

Aligning talent strategy to business needs

Most companies lack a clear picture of the capabilities of their workforce—despite having huge volumes of employee data stored in Workday HRIS. Integrating Eightfold with Workday gives employers unprecedented insights into the skills and potential that exist in their global talent network. This talent intelligence informs build or buy decisions, contributing to a sound talent strategy that prepares the business for the future.

Powered by Eightfold, talent leaders and business leaders can proactively identify each individual’s talent potential to inform their build, buy, borrow talent strategies.

Retaining top and diverse talent

Workday customers can increase retention rates by using Eightfold to deliver personalized development paths for every employee. With visibility into relevant internal opportunities, employees can set a course for professional growth knowing that they don’t have to jump ship to achieve their goals.

With Workday and Eightfold, both companies and employees win; companies increase employee development and retention with an inclusive mentoring program, and employees build the skills and cross-functional relationships that increase engagement and retention.

Creating a consistent, engaging employee experience

While Workday HRIS fulfills the financial, operational, and legal processes of managing a global workforce, Eightfold focuses squarely on improving talent development and the employee experience. Employees can take control of their careers and are set up for success with AI-informed recommendations for jobs, projects, courses, and mentors that align to individual capabilities and aspirations.

Companies can pursue a talent strategy that aligns each employee’s capabilities with business needs—automatically and at enterprise scale. This increases workforce productivity and puts employees in positions where they can contribute most fully.

Career pathing and development – talent transformation

Workday customers can leverage Eightfold to adopt an agile approach to career development that fits today’s dynamic business environment. Rather than forcing employees down the same rigid career path, companies can use Eightfold to create the talent transformation they seek – supporting self-directed, non-linear journeys, where each job is like another tour of duty. The platform’s continually learning AI keeps development plans current as skills, jobs, business needs, and employee interests evolve.

Managers can better understand and unlock the talent on their team, and have more targeted and frequent discussions with employees about their personal career goals and development plans.

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