Augmenting Workday with Eightfold for Talent Acquisition

Using AI to Decrease Bias and Accelerate Time-to-Fill with Diverse and High-Quality Candidates.

Augmenting Workday with Eightfold for Talent Acquisition

When applied to talent acquisition, Eightfold’s AI empowers Workday customers to hire for capability, potential, and diversity.

With new tools and rich, real-time insights, recruiting teams can speed time-to-fill with quality talent, enhance the candidate experience, and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) goals in ways never before possible.

Using AI to decrease bias and accelerate time-to-fill with diverse and high-quality candidates.

Find in this whitepaper:

  • Unlocking the talent potential in Workday
  • Transforming candidate sourcing and screening with AI
  • Transforming the candidate experience
  • Transforming diversity hiring
  • Workday + Eightfold Success Story

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