Developing diverse leadership from the start

Discover how to build inclusive pathways, tackle hidden obstacles, and create supportive environments for resilient leaders with enhanced skills and confidence.

Developing diverse leadership from the start

Empowering employees to transition successfully into leadership positions is crucial today. How can organizations create robust and inclusive pathways for employees, ensuring they acquire the skills and confidence needed to thrive as managers? What are the hidden obstacles and the gaps in development? What supportive environments can businesses establish to nurture aspiring leaders, fostering the resilience and emotional intelligence needed to thrive?


  • Christina Glennon, Head of DEI Programs and Operations, Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Darren Chiappetta, Global Head of Employee Relations & Workforce Compliance, Roku
  • Kimberley Fernandes, VP & Head of Learning and Organizational Development, The Wonderful Company
  • Marissa Waldman, Chief Excellence Officer, Leaderology
  • Michael Watson, Head of Customer Success, North America, Eightfold


Stacy Perman, Reporter, the Los Angeles Times

Note: This content originally appeared during From Day One’s in-person conference in Los Angeles, CA, on November 2, 2023.

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