Eightfold Resource Management


Eightfold Resource Management

Introducing Eightfold Resource Management, an AI-powered approach to project staffing.

Eightfold Resource Management

Eightfold Resource Management intelligently and efficiently executes project staffing using the deep-learning AI that powers the matching behind our Talent Intelligence Platform.

By integrating the power of AI with an organization’s availability and booking systems, Resource Management can surface the best-fit employees with the right skills and availability to work on projects — all in one convenient, centralized system.

With Resource Management, you can:

  • Match the right work to the right skills: Go beyond simple availability, location, or previous project data. Use a more in-depth understanding of people’s skills, adjacencies, and potential to find the best-fit talent to work on any given project.
  • Offer availability, skills, booking, and AI all in one system: Project management becomes more powerful and agile with skills intelligence. When combined with availability, booking systems, and other signals, we provide a valuable and complete view of talent all in one place.
  • Capture new and emerging skills in real time: As employees complete projects, built-in workflows enable your team to assess their skills proficiency. Employees can also add any new skills they learned on a project to inform future opportunities.
  • Improve time to staff: Quickly take skills, availability, location, past engagements, and other details into account so you can more efficiently staff projects. This ultimately drives higher consultant and staff engagements, growing top-line revenue and margins for service-based businesses.

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