Eightfold’s managed services

By using the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform, agencies can identify and close skills gaps, streamline the hiring process, increase employee retention, cultivate a diverse talent pipeline, and build an engaged workforce that meets mission requirements now and into the future.

Eightfold’s managed services

One valuable offering you may not know enough about is managed services, one that’s proved very popular among the customers opting to use it.

This is not an implementation of the Eightfold platform, or implementations of new modules. Managed services is a dedicated post-delivery team available to support customers in the day-to- day operation/management of their Eightfold platform. This includes repeatable, ongoing work that can be executed for a customer, such as career-site updates, system configuration optimization, and small changes or improvements.

Some examples of customers using Eightfold’s managed services include:

  • A financial-services company getting help from managed services to conduct recruitment-marketing/ nurturing campaigns. It lets Eightfold know who it wants to reach out to, and Eightfold helps support with the pixel implementation to track activity and report.
  • A nutritional-products company using Eightfold’s managed services to add a large group of recruiters and hiring managers as new users to the platform.
  • Multiple customers using managed services to make sure Chrome extensions are continually working and up to date as third parties update their website URLs.

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