How HR can become a strategic partner across the business

Dan Schawbel and Jason Cerrato discuss how AI-powered talent intelligence can help CHROs become strategic growth leaders in their businesses.

How HR can become a strategic partner across the business

Future of work expert Dan Schawbel is a New York Times bestselling author and Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence, an award-winning thought leadership and research agency focused on the world of work.

In this exclusive video, Schawbel interviews our VP of Market Strategy, Jason Cerrato, on how HR leaders can use a data-driven approach to reimagine legacy processes. AI can drive productivity and efficiency across the entire organization by helping recruiters become more intentional when sourcing and hiring candidates to enable talent managers to retain and upskill their workforces. Now is the time for CHROs and other talent leaders to become more strategic partners in every organization.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Ways HR leaders can think differently to help their organizations become skills-based.
  • How organizations can make the shift from job-centric to talent-centric planning.
  • Successful strategies to increase the adoption of AI, especially in HR.
  • Why breaking down silos is essential to create a 360-degree view of all talent.

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