HR can lead workforce transformation

The post-pandemic economic reopening is a pivotal moment for HR. How HR Can Lead in a Moment of Great Workforce Transformation.

HR can lead workforce transformation

The COVID-19 global health crisis triggered an era of workforce transformation that has required organizations to rethink their definitions of working environments. Employees returning to the office are pushing their employers to create a world of work that works for everyone.

HR is perfectly positioned to be the driver of this change. By helping their companies redefine work and recreating their talent-acquisition processes and policies accordingly, HR teams ensure the workforce needs of their organizations are met in this time of upheaval and uncertainty.

Find in this whitepaper:

  • Employees expectations for getting back to work
  • Womens’ need for more support from their employers
  • Across industries and across borders: talent up for grabs
  • Sourcing, just one piece of the puzzle

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