The people behind people analytics

In this article, Deloitte shares findings that can help build more people analytics functions and practitioners.

The people behind people analytics

People analytics has never been more important. As organizations move from surviving to thriving in a world of continuous disruption, leaders are asking fundamentally new questions about the business, its people, and the work they perform. To answer these questions, organizations are using people data in new ways to drive business results in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

Deloitte’s High-Impact People Analytics study found clear connections between the backgrounds and skills of people analytics practitioners and the function’s maturity. To better understand these connections, Deloitte collaborated with Eightfold to dive deeper into profiles of current people analytics professionals.

In this whitepaper, Deloitte shares:

  • The connection between team composition and people analytics maturity
  • Emerging skills and the evolution of people analytics
  • The prevalence of higher education and the diversity of professional backgrounds in the people analytics profession

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