Workforce transformation: A skills-based, AI-driven approach

How to embrace a new talent code that enables TA and HR leaders to unlock the potential of their people.

Workforce transformation: A skills-based, AI-driven approach

Every company knows they need to transform. Adapting their business to their rapidly changing industry means altering the skill mix of their workforce. Usually, though, they don’t know what skills their employees have now, let alone what skills their workforce needs for the company to succeed going forward.

Advances in technology–specifically the right combination of data and AI–now allow HR professionals to quickly identify pain points and opportunities to transform their workforces at scale.

In this webinar, Jason Cerrato, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Eightfold AI and Brad Cohen, Senior HRIS Analyst at DICK’S Sporting Goods, will discuss how upskilling and reskilling employees can drive broader transformation within an organization.

You’ll hear how to: 

  • Adopt a mindset anchored on skills, not jobs, to create better matches between employees and work
  • Identify what roles are most critical so that you can focus on ensuring there are career paths and succession plans in place
  • Use AI to match employees with upskilling and reskilling opportunities
  • Fill in the gaps for employees who moved on to new roles
  •  Elevate the whole employee experience, including the candidate journey, pay, onboarding, recognition, inclusion, and learning

Watch the on-demand webinar if you’re ready to move all this talk about upskilling and reskilling from theory into practice.

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