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The New Talent Code

Practical Insights for change agents in HR

We’re bringing you the best thought leaders and practitioners to share stories about how they are designing the workforce of the future, transforming processes, and rethinking old constructs to solve today's pressing talent issues.

It’s what we call the new talent code.

Introducing The New Talent Code

Listen in to meet the hosts as they share the inspiration behind The New Talent Code podcast.

Hosted By

Ligia Zamora

Ligia Zamora

Cat lover, Peloton addict, and a self-described "accidental CMO"

Jason Cerrato

Jason Cerrato

Recovering HCM Industry Analyst, now helping to find the right career for everyone in the world

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Latest Episodes

    Introduction to The New Talent Code

    Ligia and Jason kick off the show to share how they have cultivated a passion for the talent space as well as what makes them qualified to speak to an audience on how ...

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    Change Management for the Modern Workforce with Mary Faulkner

    Today’s episode of the show features Mary Faulker of IA-HR, a consulting firm helping organizations start the change management process and ultimately transform their ...

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    Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, on How to Design for Equity

    Our hosts Jason and Ligia replay the audio from a session with Alaina Percival at the Eightfold’s 2022 Talent Summit, Cultivate. Alaina is Co-Founder and CEO of Women ...

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    Joshua Bellis on improving DE&I through skill-based talent decisions

    Joshua Bellis joins Ligia and Jason to share how and why he found his specialization as a diversity and inclusion practitioner and which processes, systems, and mindse...

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    Alexandra Levit on the 5 pillars of career durability

    Alexandra Levit joins Ligia and Jason to discuss skills, skill gaps, and upskilling while offering practical advice on how employees can make themselves more employable.

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