A Guide to Deep-learning AI

All AI-powered talent intelligence platforms are not created the same. Here is what you need to know.

There are many claims about AI driving talent intelligence in HR platforms, but only deep-learning AI can do what a modern workforce needs in terms of talent intelligence.

True deep-learning AI does the manual, time-consuming part of the hiring and promotion process for talent professionals, sorting through immense amounts of data and surfacing only the best candidates based on their skills and potential — not what they’ve done in the past, four-year degrees, or other aspects that lead to bias.

Read our breakdown of what deep-learning AI does and how it can help any talent program improve its pipeline with stronger candidates who have the skills to get the work done.

Find in this guide:

  • The differences among AI, machine learning, and deep learning — and why it matters in a talent intelligence platform.
  • How deep-learning AI powers and informs a talent platform to do more, including identifying talent with the skills and capabilities to fill a role and highlighting the skills you need for the future.
  • How deep-learning AI can improve DEI practices by reducing unconscious bias and surfacing candidates with the skills you need to do the job.

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