AirAsia Lands Record Number of Candidates

Case Study

AirAsia Lands Record Number of Candidates

By adopting Eightfold’s AI-powered Talent Intelligence Suite, AirAsia immediately reduced the cost, became more efficient, and accelerated the complex process of finding the best qualified candidates while continuing to exceed customer expectations.


  • Candidate customer experience was challenging
  • Screening a huge number of resumes and scheduling interviews imposed a heavy burden on recruiting teams


  • 35% of career page visitors apply for a position
  • Time spent scheduling and coordinating candidate interviews cut by 48%

How did Eightfold's AI recruiting technology transform AirAsia's hiring process?

Eightfold's Talent Intelligence Suite integrated flawlessly with Workday, making AI for recruitment a successful reality.

Eightfold was implemented in late 2019, with resumes for all positions in all locations kept in a Workday applicant tracking system (ATS) that every recruiter and hiring manager can access. A key requirement for a talent-management solution was integration with AirAsia’s Workday deployment. The tight integration allowed the Eightfold platform to be rolled out to the entire
company at once.

The benefits of using Eightfold were evident almost immediately. In the first month after moving to the Eightfold platform, the number of applications processed increased 114%. Other key performance indicators in the hiring process also showed dramatic gains, including the percentage of visitors to AirAsia’s recruiting website who actually apply for a position (35%); an 80% increase in the speed with which high-potential candidates moved to the interview stage; and a 36% improvement in the time needed to reach the stage of an offer being made.

Eightfold's AI recruiting technology slashed the time spent reviewing resumes and interviewing, and saved AirAsia money.

Thanks to the power of Eightfold’s AI recruiting technology, a huge improvement was noted in the efficiency with which resumes are reviewed for a likely match between qualifications and job requirements. During a one-month period in early 2020, 132,000 applications were processed by the Eightfold platform, which matched 4,700 of them (about 4%) with a high enough score to move a candidate to the next step. Eightfold has actually lowered the cost of recruiting by allowing AirAsia to reduce subscriptions to job boards and lower the use of external recruiting agencies.

Another major source of time savings is Eightfold’s Talent Scheduling wizard, which automates much of the process of scheduling interviews of job candidates. The platform’s smooth integration with LinkedIn and other sources of potential candidates provides the ability to match candidates passed over for one position with another job that’s a better fit, inclusion of existing employees in the search for ideal candidates, and e-mail reminders in case a candidate’s response has not been acknowledged.

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