Augmenting Workday with Eightfold’s Career Hub

When paired with Workday, Eightfold’s AI-powered Career Hub transforms talent management. By providing personalized career paths and a consumer-grade experience, Career Hub creates equitable growth opportunities for every employee. Talent teams can use Career Hub to get more out of their Workday data; benchmark capabilities, identify skill gaps, and implement a more agile and effective talent strategy with Eightfold’s predictive machine learning and real-time insights.

Using AI to Understand and Unlock the Potential of a Diverse Global Workforce. Find in this white paper:

  • Unlocking the Talent Potential in Workday
  • Aligning Talent Strategy to Business Needs
  • Retaining Top and Diverse Talent
  • Creating a Consistent, Engaging Employee Experience
  • Transform Career Pathing and Development

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