How States Can Reduce Unemployment and Attract Employers

The typical unemployment period can last 22 weeks or longer. This is due to issues within the job-seeking process, such as generic descriptions. With vague wording, applicants are often unsure whether to apply. And job-matching is often based on keywords instead of skills or potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • The limitations of typical approaches to hiring, reskilling and upskilling
  • How artificial intelligence, or AI, can boost talent management strategies
  • How Eightfold Workforce Exchange can help lower overall employment costs

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How States Can Reduce Unemployment and Attract Employers

State governments have a vested interest in using intelligence to manage their workforces. But, they can’t attract employers without a viable talent pool. And if they can’t attract or keep employers, their tax base will suffer.

Matching job seekers with available jobs is more than a haphazard process. State governments need a standardized, intelligent approach to job-matching. 


How States Can Reduce Unemployment and Attract Employers

AI Can Enhance Job-Matching

While many of today’s job search platforms are digital, humans decide who to interview. Human decision-making is imperfect, and AI can make a real difference. Instead of sifting through thousands of resumes, AI can source quality workers in no time. AI can recommend applicants based on their capabilities and potential.


Shift from keyword to profile-based searches

AI can examine a resume and infer skill sets that aren’t articulated.


Focus on the IDEA

Traditional hiring methods are often hampered by unconscious bias. Eightfold’s AI hiring platform anonymizes candidates’ profiles, uses algorithms to avoid bias and tracks diversity metrics.


Make reskilling and upskilling a priority

With AI, states can better determine how to reposition existing workforce training programs, optimize training materials to target specific skill sets, match people to the right programs and meet economic development goals.

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