Modern Mobility: The New Rules of Succession Planning

Succession planning is one of the most crucial talent management functions for organizations. And while business leaders realize just how important it really is, many are still struggling to manage it well. Adding to the challenge, succession planning isn’t what it used to be.

Corporate roles, particularly for leaders, have increasing responsibilities, requiring a broader mix of experience. Workforce planners have to be agile, preparing for a moving target where the skills mix of roles will change in just a few years. And the hybrid working world means you don’t want to give someone the inside track based on proximity to people and offices.

As the workforce and ways of work evolve – traditional succession planning must evolve too. Now is the time to transform annual processes to real-time mapping of talent to the business.

Join the webinar to learn how HR leaders can be the catalyst to drive change through their organizations. We’ll discuss:

  • How and why to extend succession planning from just-for-the-C-suite to every member of the workforce
  • Why a data driven, skills-based approach is key to success
  • Creating fairness and equity so that people’s mobility is based on their potential
  • How to identify your organization’s most critical roles

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