Persisting With Progress on Diversity and Inclusion, Even During a Downturn

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In the past, challenging times in business brought setbacks to diversity and inclusion. Traditional methods for cutbacks–like last-in, first-out approaches to layoffs–tended to disfavor marginalized employees. What new methods and insights can companies embrace to make sure that doesn’t happen as business navigates a potentially challenging 2023?


  • Paul Francisco, Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, State Street Corp.
  • Aryeh Lehrer, Vice President, Talent Management and Acquisition, DEI&B, Comcast
  • Mona Sloane, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, New York University Tandon School of Engineering
  • Rebecca Warren, Director of Customer Success, Eightfold AI
  • Spencer Whitney, Digital Editor, KQED (NPR/PBS San Francisco)

Note: This content originally appeared during From Day One’s November 2022 Virtual Event titled “Making Your Company a Magnet for a Diverse Workforce.”

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