Prepare for the future with Eightfold Succession Planning: Powered by AI-driven skill-based role readiness

Every organization desires to prepare and plan for the future by identifying and developing future leaders. And to do it all efficiently at scale for the whole organization. However, their current processes and systems aren’t up to these challenges in most cases.

Many existing solutions focus on past performance, process, and proximity.  The future of talent management and succession planning requires a focus on potential, adjacent skills, upskilling opportunities, and the ability to identify and nurture emerging leaders.

With Eightfold Talent Management, leaders can deliver transparent and guided employee experiences for developing organizational capability. Employees enjoy a compelling and personalized career hub experience to increase their visibility to opportunities and awareness of relevant training, career paths, and potential mentors.

Managers can understand their team’s full abilities with greater insight into their skills and potential. Leaders benefit from improved talent visibility and skills insights while leveraging talent insights to better prepare for the future. Additionally, with a skill-based approach powered by AI, opportunities are created by considering skill adjacencies and learnability, broadening the audience for consideration, and increasing opportunity across the enterprise.

As organizations prepare to be future-ready, Eightfold Succession Planning incorporates talent intelligence and AI-driven insights to identify and expand the audience for consideration of critical and emerging leadership roles.

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