The Future of TA Media: Todd Raphael of

Todd Raphael is the Marketing Content Manager at, the industry’s first Talent Intelligence Platform. Having joined them in 2019, he has reinvented himself using his media and profitable conference management capabilities to create content and brand buzz for one of the emerging innovations in HR Tech.

In this Big Fish episode, Todd shares his perspective on the advantages of virtual events and conferences as well as how advanced AI & empirical data can help revolutionize the workplace. He has advice for future and current leaders focused on the importance of efficient messaging across multiple platforms. Todd believes that “ultimately, it’s not the platform, but the message. And the message has to be current and stay with the times.” We also discuss how “legacy universities and legacy programs are not always the best way to decipher someone’s capability and potential” and that it’s less about accolades and more about what you can bring to the table.

Topics Discussed:

  • Leveraging skills across different industries
  • Benefits and advantages to virtual events & conferences
  • Using AI matching to uncover transferability of skills to alternative roles and industries
  • The importance of efficient messaging across multiple platforms
  • Changing corporate culture to make room for diversity
  • Thinking differently about the work-life balance conundrum after Covid-19
  • The evolution of talent acquisition media and conferences
  • Combining advanced AI & empirical data to connect internal and external candidates to job opportunities

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