Unlocking Internal Workforce Potential, at Scale, with AI

Talent acquisition has always been the first resort to fill the talent gaps in companies because it is the traditional way to acquire specific skills. However, organizations are now realizing that there is a trove of internal talent that wants to, and can do more. Faced with the lack of internal visibility and challenges with internal mobility, key talent leaves in search of external opportunities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is providing insights into talent potential both inside and outside the organization – not just who you know, but what you know – and democratizing access to opportunities for growth for employees and candidates.

See this webinar to learn about how AI can unlock the internal talent pool of an organization while also optimizing their external talent search, including:

  • Limitations of traditional talent acquisition and employee development methods
  • Why now is the right time for AI
  • How Bayer used AI to unleash employee potential at scale
  • Global rollout and change management best practices from Deloitte

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