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Helping Veterans and spouses contribute their skills towards meaningful careers.

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Talent Exchange powered by Eightfold AI bridges the gap.
Amidst the COVID-19 backdrop there continues to be a steady stream of talented military veterans and spouses who are available to bring vital skills and experience to employers of all sizes. You, the eager career seekers, and those that assist you with counseling and coaching, know that the single most important aspect is visibility. Veterans, currently separating service members, and military spouses continue to seek exposure of their knowledge, skills, and abilities so that they are given a fair chance at interviews and ultimately employment.
Right now, veterans and spouses need a platform that can match them to employers with open positions and reignite hope that they can have a meaningful start, or continuation, to their careers despite the turbulent conditions. Eightfold, in partnership with FMI and supported by McKinsey & Company, is providing such a platform for free of charge during the coronavirus crisis through Talent Exchange, a new offering powered by eightfold.ai.

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Carla Arellano - Talent Exchange for Veterans
“We’re talking a lot about what the next normal will look like, and we’re humbled to have supported these organizations that are doing great things to help people and businesses.”
– Carla Arellano, Partner, McKinsey & Company