Improve Sourcing with Eightfold AI

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AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform™

Up to 90% of pipeline instantly sourced from Talent Network

Proactively Create Talent Pipelines, By Identifying And Evaluating the Best Fit Talent - Both Internally And Externally

Eightfold’s deep learning AI updates existing records from your ATS, so you can start every search by rediscovering talent from your own up-to-date Talent Network, greatly reducing time-to-fill and cost to hire. Customers can also use Talent Communities to create and nurture passive talent pools, and instantly prioritize talent based on skills, experience, potential, and more with explainable AI matching.

Eightfold® makes sourcing efforts fast and cost-effective. Sourcing teams have access to a robust set of tools that help them spend their time where it matters most – finding the right talent.

  • Boost sourcing speed with AI and automation
  • Get new qualified candidates with a click
  • Create intelligent, personalized nurture campaigns
  • Build talent pools with AI-matching and calibration
  • Greatly reduce sourcing spend on job boards and professional networks

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