Value Consulting

Eightfold Value Consulting
Understand the ROI of
Talent Transformation
Propel digital transformation,
truly inspire employees and build a D&I competitive advantage.
Eightfold value consulting can help you:
  • Uncover incremental business value
  • Quantify Eightfold’s potential financial impact (ROI)
  • Obtain executive-level deliverables
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Leverage our complimentary value consulting services to measure the financial benefit Eightfold can create for your organization through these areas:

Step 1 Talent Exchange - Value Consulting
One single platform to transform your talent strategy

AI-driven process automation and recommendations to identify, hire and develop the most relevant and highest quality talent quickly

Step 2 Talent Exchange - Value Consulting
End-to-end visibility into the skills of your entire talent network

Re-skill/up-skill and redeploy talent to align with future business needs; identify, engage with and motivate current and prior candidates and employees

Step 3 Talent Exchange - Value Consulting
Extend the value of existing systems investment

Integrate with HRIS, ATS, LMS, etc. to get insight into the vast amount of talent data; consolidate applicable systems/tools, and reduce reliance on costly 3rd party vendors and job boards

What to Expect in Your Value Assessment

Get in touch today to see how seamless it is to create your business case for Eightfold.

icon instant pipeline - Value Consulting
Strategic initiatives &
talent-related challenges

icon internal mobility - Value Consulting
Financial metrics based on unique Eightfold value drivers

icon targeted nurture - Value Consulting
Benchmarking & maturity assessment – as needed

icon talent analytics - Value Consulting
Relevant customer value
realization metrics