Artificial Intelligence

Built by leading AI experts
to provide the best career for everyone in the world’s uses deep-learning AI throughout the entire employee lifecycle to give a competitive advantage to Fortune 500 and other large enterprises worldwide.
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Huge volumes of data

Using neural networks, we identify more than one million skills across the world’s 7.8 billion people. This deep learning helps make unbiased, data-driven decisions throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

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Transforming talent management

Free your workforce-management team from administrative tasks. Eightfold’s AI allows it to focus on complex tasks like guiding employees’ careers, advising company leaders on workforce decisions, recruiting, and improving diversity, equity, & inclusion.

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Enrichment offers additional data and context

Eightfold automatically and accurately updates information from your ATS, HRIS, CRM and other systems. It exceeds competitors in the volume of public data queried.

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Deep learning that cannot be obtained any other way

Our deep learning technology allows you to evaluate internal and external candidates with AI that automatically infers skills, validates skills, and sees potential. This information is highly useful for evaluating a candidate against a job requirement.

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eliminate recruiting bias - Artificial Intelligence
Equal Opportunity Algorithms

Eightfold was built from the ground up to provide everyone the best career. It complies with a bias prevention methodology called Equal Opportunity Algorithms. No predictions are deployed unless they are statistically unbiased regardless of the age, gender, or ethnicity or an individual.

Explainable AI - Artificial Intelligence
AI that’s personalized

Eightfold’s AI is tailored to each candidate. The Career Planner helps each employee see what skills they need, and what courses to take. Internal Mobility shows employees where their skills match new roles. CRM is tailored to the interests of each person in the pipeline. The personalization even extends to the career site.

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Introduction to Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence – A Deeper Dive into AI in the Talent Space

Talent Intelligence

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Talent Acquisition

Use AI recruiting to improve efficiency from source-to-offer

Talent Diversity

Reveal and remove bias and improve diversity

Talent Management

Retain top talent by guiding employees to the next step in their career

Talent Experience

Attract the right candidates with a relevant and personalized experience