3 things to check to make sure you’re set up for job-seeking success

3 things to check to make sure you’re set up for job-seeking success

You registered for the Talent Exchange. What’s next? 

Eightfold.ai’s mission is to enable the right career for everyone in the world. We are even more dedicated to that mission during the global pandemic. That is why we launched the Talent Exchange in April 2020 on top of our existing Talent Intelligence Platform, which is enabled by Artificial Intelligence and has analyzed over one billion profiles. If you are curious how AI can improve your job-search process, then you can click here to learn more. If you want to simply understand how to get the best use out of this platform, read on.

AI can personalize recommendations because it uses massive data sets. But in order for those recommendations to be relevant, the platform needs to learn from you first.

If you have used Netflix, then you know that the recommendations are pretty generic in the beginning. But as you start rating shows and movies, the suggestions become more appropriate for you, which in turn leads you to watch and rate more content and have an increasingly better experience. Over time, Netflix will serve you shows and movies that you enjoy, including ones that you would never have otherwise thought to look for. That is the power of AI suggestion engines rather than traditional search engines.

To make this example relevant to your job search process, think of the Talent Exchange instead of Netflix, and open roles instead of movies. Here are the three things to check to make sure that you are set up to get the most out of the platform.


Create and maintain a profile that represents your full self

Your profile is the heart of your experience. The matches that you receive will only be as relevant as the information that you provide. That’s because the AI looks to identify patterns between your experiences and the experiences of billions of other people. One of the core differences between the Talent Exchange and traditional job sites is that the Talent Exchange encourages you to represent your full self, not just the self that you think you need to show in order to hear back for a particular job. AI enables you to ask, “what jobs are right for my experiences and skills?” rather than pigeonholing yourself into a question like “what marketing jobs can I get?”

You can always adjust your profile as you remember experiences, skills, projects, or courses that you want to add. That will enhance the AI’s ability to identify your potential. Examples of the types of skills people might consider adding to their profile are Research, Marketing, Sales, Financial Modeling, Hospitality, Event Planning, Social Media, Training, Time Management, Leadership, Communication, Empathy, Listening, Organization, Wellness.

Takeaway: Your profile is a living representation of your holistic experiences, skills, projects, and courses. As more information is added, the Talent Exchange AI will be able to make more inferences and deliver more relevant and insightful job recommendations.


Check your job matches and apply to open roles

Unlike traditional job sites, the Talent Exchange provides you with transparency into the experiences and skills needed for different roles, without you having to wade through long and complex job descriptions. Even though you will be able to browse all open roles on the platform, positions that are a good or strong match for you will be specially marked. You can have confidence that when you click on the apply button, you are applying for jobs that are active because the Talent Exchange goes through a vetting and ongoing evaluation process with every hiring company.

If you find that the positions marked as a good or strong match do not align with your experiences and skills, the first step would be to check your profile and ensure that your background is adequately reflected in your profile. The AI needs to learn from you first so it can extrapolate patterns and make adequate recommendations. If your background is fully represented, it’s likely that it’s a good thing the position matches are different than you expected because that means the AI is working! It may have identified patterns in your skills or experiences and has identified that you have potential in fields outside of what you generally would search for.

Takeaway: Have confidence applying to open roles through the Talent Exchange because you will have a summarized understanding of why you are a fit for different roles, and you know that every job is still being actively hired for.


Review your job recommendation emails

New jobs are being added to the Talent Exchange on a daily basis, which means that as a member of the Talent Exchange you will have access to these positions as they become available. You can expect to receive weekly emails with up to 10 job recommendations when new matches are available, and they will be based on relevance to your profile or your identified preferences.

If you are not open to relocating, then the positions will be in your geographical area; otherwise, the positions could be present in a range of different cities.

Takeaway: Revisit the Talent Exchange on at least a bi-weekly basis to see what new relevant positions have been added to the platform, and apply directly.

To update your profile or register for the Talent Exchange, click here.

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