20 Employer Branding Experts You Should Add to Your LinkedIn Network


Employer branding can be confusing for human resources professionals and hiring managers who are new to the topic. You know how it feels to step into your workplace every day, but how do you turn that feeling into engaging content that attracts outstanding candidates?

Learning the answers can be as simple as clicking “Follow.” LinkedIn is full of employer branding professionals who share their wisdom with the world online.

Derina Adamczak

Currently the global employment brand and recruitment marketing director at KRT Marketing, Derina Adamczak has spent nearly 20 years focused on how companies find and acquire new talent. Adamczak is an enthusiastic champion of using technological tools to improve talent relationships and the communication of a strong employer brand.

Adamczak’s experience comes from the IT, engineering, construction, corporate and retail sectors, making it widely applicable to a vast range of companies and recruiters.

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams, CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, is driven by a passion for employer branding, as well as the dismay that comes from realizing how many companies aren’t communicating the depth of value demonstrated by their people and their brand. As a result, he regularly shares tips and insight to help organizations define themselves and communicate their deepest values to the rest of the world.

Allison Dunsmore

Allison Dunsmore’s master’s degree in HR Management was only the start of her training, experience and insight into employer branding and recruitment marketing. Her track record includes a recently started position as a senior analyst of talent attraction and employer brand at American Airlines. She’s also honed her skills at large employers such as Banfield Pet Hospital and PwC, giving her a range of experience that shines through in the depth of her insights.

James Ellis

“‘Change agent’ isn’t the right term. ‘Fearless inventor of your future’ is closer,” James Ellis writes on his LinkedIn profile, and his work bears out the description. Inventor of several tools that are now commonplace in employment branding, Ellis constantly asks what isn’t being done and turns that into what everyone is doing.

If you want to know what’s next for employer branding, see ideas as they develop or simply have a go-to source for what’s new and interesting in employer brand development, Ellis is a must-follow expert.

Tannen Ellis-Graham

Tannen Ellis-Graham is cofounder and master career coach at CareerKarma360. She spends her days training, coaching and speaking on topics related to recruitment, hiring and retaining talent, including how to build an outstanding employer brand.

As a member of the National Speakers Association Mountain West, board member of the Salt Lake chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and an appointee to the Utah State Workforce Development Board, Ellis-Graham is constantly engaged with questions of branding and recruitment in the real world, giving her a perspective that is well worth following.  

Jill Felska

Jill Felska is the founder of Want to Work There, an organization that helps companies become the best places to work within their respective industries. Felska’s perspective is informed by 10 years’ experience researching some of the most pressing questions in recruiting and employer branding, including “How do people find and decide what companies to work for?” and “Once hired, what makes great employees stay?”

Felska’s insight and advice is a must-read for recruiters and hiring managers who seek to use their employer brand to build lasting relationships and sustainable success.  

employer branding experts

Terri Green

Terri Green is the founder of Outstand, an employer and personal branding consulting firm. With over 15 years’ experience in recruiting and related fields, Green helps businesses understand their own unique brand features while also maintaining the perspective necessary to see how those elements play out as part of the organization’s overall success.

If you want to use your employer brand to improve employees’ experience as well as to attract new talent, Green is an outstanding source of info.

Charlotte Hågård

Charlotte Hågård has 25 years’ experience in employer branding and related topics. As a member of LinkedIn’s invitation-only Top Influencer Group, she’s also connected to a wide range of professionals in the recruiting and employer branding sphere. Her flexibility in focusing on both employer and candidate branding gives her a 360-degree view of the field that can be invaluable for employers seeking to understand how value branding works as a means of communication with candidates.

Noelle Holdsworth

Noelle Holdsworth is an employer brand manager at T-Mobile, where she “gets energized by enhancing experiences for candidates and employers,” she writes. Her work with T-Mobile has helped the company build and maintain a consistent, organization-wide approach to employer branding and to identify and track the necessary metrics to understand its success. She’s a busy contributor to LinkedIn, posting a series of useful articles on recruiting, employer branding and how to engage productively with the work world.  

Alyssa Krane

Alyssa Krane is chief talent strategist at Powerhouse Talent, Inc. With over 18 years’ experience, Krane has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Money Magazine and similar publications.

On LinkedIn, Krane contributes to the conversation by publishing articles on the how-to aspects of employment branding. Her work focuses on concrete tips like how to build a careers website or page that puts your employer value proposition front and center for top talent.

Margie Kwan

Margie Kwan is “a brand strategist, account director and employer brand manager rolled into one enthusiastic expert.” Her unique blend of skills allows her to focus on how companies answer one key question: “Why should candidates want to work with us?”

With the answers in mind, Kwan also helps organizations build the programs they need to attract and retain top talent. If you’re struggling to move your employee value proposition from the abstract to the concrete, Kwan’s advice is a great place to start.

Tiffany Lee

When it comes to employer branding at HomeAway, Tiffany Lee puts people and their stories first. Her work includes building relationships with other HomeAway employees in order to “lift the curtain, and show off our creative minds, terrific problem solvers, and innovative hackers” to candidates in order to attract similarly creative and enthusiastic team members.

For any business seeking to leverage human connection to build an employer brand, Lee’s insight is a must-follow.

Alexandra Levit

Many recruiters and hiring managers are familiar with Alexandra Levit’s work. Levit’s writing has appeared in syndicated columns in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company and Forbes. She’s also the author of several books that speak to the heart of employer branding and organizational development, including “They Don’t Teach Corporate in College and Humanity Works: Merging Technologies” and “People for the Workforce of the Future.”

For organizations that want to focus on futureproofing their employer brands, Levit offers  perspective and wisdom that can help them do just that.

employer branding experts

Jennifer McClure

Building relationships is at the top of Jennifer McClure’s priority list, as well as her LinkedIn profile. The CEO of Unbridled Talent & DisruptHR, McClure is a popular keynote speaker who mixes inspiration, how-to tips, insights into best practices and concrete strategic details into her talks and her writing. The result is a treasure trove of wisdom in her profile that recruiters and hiring managers can leverage right away to start improving their own branding and value propositions.

Holland McCue

Holland McCue is an employer brand and employee experience leader at Delta Air Lines, giving her a valuable perspective on the connection between employees’ day-to-day experiences and the company’s overall value proposition for new candidates. She also focuses on connecting the human elements of recruiting and retention with the metrics and data needed to deepen perspectives and develop insights on employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

Nikoleta Miteva

A number of nations have fast-growing economies full of innovations for recruiting and keeping the best available talent, and Nikoleta Miteva has her finger on the pulse of that growth in Bulgaria. A graduate in organizational psychology, Miteva regularly blogs on employer branding questions and discoveries, giving her followers a new perspective on a fast-growing topic.

Ed Nathanson

Ed Nathanson is the founder of Red Pill Talent, LLC, and he takes a deeply personal approach to building an employer brand. “It’s about effort. It’s about dedication. It’s about doing your homework and about being authentic and understanding the importance of humor and heart,” Nathanson told a Talent Connect 2018 breakout session titled Build a Compelling Employer Brand Without the Big Bucks.

Nathanson’s LinkedIn presence is a mix of this personal humor and keen insights into recruiting and the importance of an employer’s brand and presence.

Joe Shaker, Jr.

The third generation of his family to run Shaker Recruitment Marketing, Joe Shaker, Jr. understands the value of personal relationships when it comes to addressing cultural fit. That one-on-one human sense infuses Shaker’s work on employer branding and communication. As a result, his advice is inspirational for companies that want their employer brand communications to feel like a personal conversation between their company and the top talent that will thrive within its ranks.

Jeff Waldman

Jeff Waldman sees employer branding as part of a larger picture that includes technology and marketing, and his approach to branding and value proposition questions reflects this perspective. The founder of SocialHRCamp, Waldman currently focuses on helping the Canadian Hearing Society modernize its entire HR infrastructure. His contributions to LinkedIn cover a wide range of questions and issues related to recruitment, marketing, technology and branding. Waldman is well worth following for insights on some of the stickiest intersectional problems in human resources today.

Jeff Weiner

While LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner isn’t everyone’s first guess when it comes to employer branding experts, we’re including him here because his understanding of what businesses need for success lands squarely in the realm of building a strong employer brand.

In a speech at Talent Connect 2018, Weiner told audiences that companies need to define their What and their How in order to succeed. Defining these two factors is also essential to building an employer brand, and companies that focus on these will find their own brand clearly laid out before them.

Weiner’s business advice is easy to access via the platform he leads, and that’s why he’s a must-add to your list of employer branding experts.

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