March 17, 2020

Five Things Eightfold Customers Can Do Virtually with the Talent Intelligence Platform

Life and business are being disrupted, and there’s still a long road ahead. As we look forward, talent departments are in a unique position to help create stability. There is much they can do to continue working effectively, building relationships, and growing their talent networks.

In that light, we want to suggest five relevant recruiting activities that customers can do today using the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform. Recruiters, hiring managers, HR operations managers, and talent leaders using Eightfold should consider doing the following now:

  • Develop and continue relationships with future hires. Some employers are pulling back on hiring, but the competition for talent in the medium and long run will not go away. Use email campaigns to keep in touch with your talent network. You can automatically segment your network into different audiences so that you can provide the right information to everyone. Even if you cannot hire today, you can still build the relationships that you will need when hiring starts up.


  • Conduct intake sessions virtually with Job Calibration. Though many of us are virtual, you can still continue candidate recruitment. Job Calibration offers a great way to collaborate virtually when defining requirements for a position. Managers and recruiters can get on a virtual meeting, open up a job requisition, and define the experiences and skills necessary to do a job, even trying to find someone with the attributes of an “ideal candidate.” Together, they can view sample candidates, track feedback they give on candidates, and re-calibrate the position in real time to define the qualifications that will make a great hire. The Job Calibration process is just as effective virtually as in-person because it facilitates effective communication between the manager and the recruiter.


  • Maintain university talent relationships with Resume Book Uploads. University career services departments are not holding their planned job fairs, or have made them virtual-only. In lieu of traveling, reach out to these universities and ask for their student resume books. Then, upload them in bulk to the Eightfold platform. You can start and maintain relationships with these talented students even if you can’t meet them in person. Be sure to follow your privacy and opt-in policies.


  • Manage the hiring process in real time with Talent Analytics and Screening Dashboards. With many teams moving to remote work, and dealing with disruptions in their lives and workplaces, it is hard to know what is going on. While some hiring processes may be on pause, other work streams will need to continue. The detailed analytics offered in the Talent Intelligence Platform can help to identify where activities are taking place as planned, proceeding more slowly than normal, or on pause. Use Talent Analytics to facilitate team meetings and get everyone on the same page, which is especially important when working as a distributed team.


  • Align top candidates to additional roles. You may be pausing hiring for certain roles and not for others. On a candidate profile, Eightfold’s AI shows other open positions for which the candidate is a strong match. For candidates you want to try to bring into your workforce, if you can’t hire them for one role, consider recruiting them for another role instead. You may be able to bring in desired candidates who otherwise would have been lost to your organization.

Most importantly, remember that so many people are understandably finding this the most challenging period they’ve ever been through. Be present for your job candidates, lend a helping hand when you can, and think of everyone in your talent network as people first and prospects second.

We’re all in this together.