August 29, 2022

How NextRoll Defines and Meets Diversity Goals With Talent Intelligence

Over the past five years, NextRoll has committed to attracting and hiring underrepresented talent with its DEI Annual Report and has created a culture shaped by its diversity, equity, and inclusion DE&I principles. 

NextRoll is a marketing technology company delivering products ambitious companies use and rely on to grow their businesses. The AI-powered MarTech leader has made significant strides in defining and exceeding its diversity goals. From 2016 to 2021, NextRoll increased its representation of women in people-management roles from 32 percent to 45 percent. Likewise, the representation of BIPOC talent in people management roles has risen from 11 percent to 35 percent. Women in sales? NextRoll improved representation from 18 percent to 38 percent. 

Of course, this didn’t happen in a vacuum; but how exactly has the organization achieved impactful results? Claudia Villanueva, Manager of Talent Operations at NextRoll, joined us at a recent Eightfold Community Conversation to share some best practices for attracting underrepresented talent and how they leverage Eightfold to do just that.

Read on for some insiders’ knowledge — and be sure to continue the conversation in the Eightfold Community. 

Understanding Your Hiring Goals

Define what you mean by “DE&I goals,” says Villanueva. How will you separate the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion — and then measure yourself against progress in each of those areas? For NextRoll, it was critical to ensure its current work environment was inclusive — and career growth opportunities were equitable — as it committed to creating a more diverse pipeline. 

Specificity is critical when it comes to goal setting for hiring underrepresented talent. It’s not one size fits all. In 2021, NextRoll had different hiring goals associated with each niche focus group, including: 

  • Maintain the hiring rate of women in people management roles to 50% (globally)
  • Increase the hiring rate of women in engineering roles to 30% (globally)
  • Increase the hiring rate of women in product roles to 50% (globally)
  • Increase the hiring rate of underrepresented minorities to 17% (North America)
  • Increase the hiring rate of women in New Business Sales to 40% (globally)
  • Increase the hiring rate of underrepresented groups (URGs) in people management to 40% (North America) 

Reporting Drives Accountability 

These diversity goals are threaded throughout NextRoll’s recruiting practice. Hiring managers at NextRoll receive monthly reports of priority roles with the diversity of the pipeline across gender, race, and ethnicity. Recruiters and sourcers leverage Eightfold’s customizable reporting dashboard, which facilitates a deeper and more relevant understanding of the organization, to flag any inequalities in representation as candidates move through the funnel. This type of reporting allows sourcers and recruiters to derive insights on where they need to diversify their pipeline or address areas of inequities in the interview process.

Villanueva remarked on the importance of reporting tools for the sourcers and recruiters on the team. With data-driven insights, the talent team is “more empowered to be a stronger talent partner to their business partners.”

How NextRoll Defines and Meets Diversity Goals with Talent Intelligence

Reach Niche Communities With Targeted Campaigns 

Villanueva told us, “With the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform, and its campaign feature which uses deep-learning AI to help target talent, we are highly enabled to target specific underrepresented communities,” she said. 

Villanueva shared a story about NextRoll’s presence at the Grace Hopper Conference. Ahead of the event, the talent team used Eightfold to target women in engineering from its current ATS and invited them to the NextRoll booth using Eightfold’s campaign feature. 

Ninety-four percent of recipients opened the email campaign invitation, with many setting up meetings at the event.

How NextRoll Defines and Meets Diversity Goals with Talent Intelligence Targeted Sourcing Contributes to a More Diverse Candidate Pool

Villanueva said it takes seven to nine touch points before a candidate considers employment within an organization, a familiar statistic for many talent acquisition professionals. 

To attract and nurture passive candidates, AI can help build a community of talent around a particular skill or role, such as women in sales or people managers in engineering. 

Eightfold’s sourcing platform sits on top of NextRoll’s applicant tracking system and has optimized its ability to reconnect with talent recruiters have engaged in the past. That includes former applicants, past referrals, and even event attendees. 

Recruiters have access to a group of individuals who were previously interested (Talent Rediscovery) in NextRoll for when the next position opens up. This enables recruiters to start a conversation about new opportunities more easily. 

Villanueva’s last piece of advice for reaching diversity goals is to take advantage of multiple streams of engaging with a diverse talent pool from referrals, campaigns, sourcing, and events.

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Photos by Ricardo ArceCoWomen; Jae Park