Nutanix Finds and Nurtures Elusive Talent

Nutanix is finding hidden gems who had already expressed interest in the company. And, it’s now able to attract people who were not responding to previous outreaches.

CPG Leader Builds on ATS with Eightfold AI

Facing a competitive and fast-moving talent market, this global enterprise needed more capability than it could get from its cloud-based applicant tracking system. Adding Eightfold AI, the company was able to increase new-hire diversity, improve applicant quality, and substantially reduce overall time-to-fill.

AirAsia Lands Record Number of Candidates

AirAsia reduced the cost, became more efficient, and accelerated the complex process of finding the best qualified candidates to continue to exceed customer expectations.

Aijob Deploys Eightfold to Help Norway Reduce Unemployment

Eightfold Helping Norwegians get back to work

Norway is trying to put more of its 100,000 unemployed citizens to work. But many have trouble matching their skills to the changing needs of a dynamic job market. Read this case study to learn how Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform supports career counseling, re-skilling, and job matching for the people of Norway.

Nutanix University Recruiting. New Hiring Engine

Nutanix University Recruiting. New Hiring Engine

The university recruiting team at Nutanix needed to deliver a new sourcing strategy. As the company grew, Nutanix had to bring in more great talent from more schools each year, while competing for top candidates with well-known consumer brands.