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Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform
Stop wasting your budget on point solutions.

Eightfold’s artificial intelligence–based platform empowers enterprises to turn talent management into a competitive advantage.

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Talent Management Capabilities
Empower employees to take control of their careers. Understand and transform your workforce at scale.

Project Marketplace

Unlock the hidden talents of your employees

Capability Matrix

Hire and promote based on capabilities, not keywords

Career Planner

Give employees internal career paths and help them reach their goals

Internal Mobility

Give employees internal career paths & help them reach their goals

Talent Redeployment

Do the right thing for your company and your people

Succession Planning

Successors for any role, not just the C-suite

Employee Profile

With Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform, Employee Profiles serve as a portal to their careers

Skills Mentoring

A career-coach for every employee

Talent Acquisition Capabilities
Find, engage & hire faster with one solution from source-to-offer

Virtual Event Recruiting

Build talent relationships with Eightfold Virtual Event Recruiting

Smart Employee Referrals

AI creates a more effective referrals program that outdated referral tools lack.

Smart Interview Scheduling

Spend less time on admin work. Your recruiting team becomes more efficient, able to focus more of its time on what it does best.

Candidate Masking

Adopt diversity best practices, and take effective action to reach your diversity goals

Diversity Analytics

Provide accountability for your diversity efforts

Talent Rediscovery

Hire faster and at lower cost from your own Talent Network

Model Candidate

Cut acquisition time 90% by ranking millions of profiles based on your Model Candidate profile

Instant Job Matching

Match each candidate to their best-fit jobs to gather more qualified applications

Job Calibration

Job Calibration allows you to select the precise requirements for a position, so AI can deliver precisely who you are looking for

Instant Pipeline

AI delivers complete, ranked talent pipelines

Talent Intelligence

Explore our Talent Intelligence Platform

Talent Acquisition

Use AI recruiting to improve efficiency from source-to-offer

Talent Diversity

Reveal and remove bias and improve diversity

Talent Management

Retain top talent by guiding employees to the next step in their career

Talent Experience

Attract the right candidates with a relevant and personalized experience