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Ideal Candidate
Cut acquisition time 90% by ranking millions of profiles based on your Ideal Candidate profile

Define your pipeline for a position using the profiles of your top performers

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Ideal Candidate
Use ideal candidates to rank your talent pipeline

Hiring managers often want to hire more just like their best people. Ideal Candidate lets them find new candidates exactly the way they think. Using the profiles of former team members, top performing employees, or former colleagues, Ideal Candidate finds and ranks the talent with the most similar profiles based on skills, capabilities, and experience.

  • Immediately find candidates with the same ability to succeed as your best people
  • Improvement candidate relevance
  • Get in sync with hiring managers immediately on candidate pipelines.

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Instant Job Matching
A great candidate experience encourages great people to apply

Match each candidate to their best-fit jobs to gather more qualified applications

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Instant Job Matching
Show the right jobs to every person instantly

Instant Job Matching personalizes your career site to each individual. Candidates can upload a resume and instantly match to relevant jobs according to their skills, experience, & interests—then apply with as little as one click.

This personalized approach is much faster, more accurate, and more transparent about qualifications and requirements for a job, and encourages qualified candidates to apply.

  • Offer a personalized candidate experience
  • Increase inbound applications from underrepresented groups, particularly women candidates
  • Increase application rates from Web and reduce abandonment.

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Job Calibration
Define exact job requirements to find your exact match

Job Calibration allows you to select the precise requirements for a position, so AI can deliver precisely who you are looking for

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Job Calibration
Select exact capabilities & experiences, not keywords

Eightfold’s Job Calibration is an advanced filtering capability that provides powerful screening criteria, far exceeding the abilities of keyword-based sourcing tools. This holistic approach uses all desired criteria to rank candidates, including skills, experiences, prior titles and companies, candidate preferences, and more.

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Instant Pipeline
AI delivers complete, ranked talent pipelines

Manual sourcing is eliminated for 91% of positions

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Instant Pipeline
Instant Ranked Pipeline, within a few seconds

Create a ranked list of qualified candidates based on the skills, experiences, and career progressions desired for a position. With the incredible data processing power of AI, recruiters can get full pipelines immediately for the majority of positions they need to fill.

Recruiters no longer spend days searching and scrolling through long lists of candidates. Hiring managers no longer waste time on poor-fit candidates and communication challenges with their recruiters.

  • Reduce time-to-hire, including time-to-interview
  • Reduce cost-to-hire by eliminating manual effort
  • Increase productivity of recruiting teams.

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Diversity Analytics
Provide accountability for your diversity efforts

Create real-time, position-level accountability for diversity across your organization

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Diversity Analytics
Measure diversity efforts with real-time 
Diversity Analytics

Use pre-built dashboards of hiring funnels sortable by EEOC category, hiring stages, department, geography, and other criteria. Discover when diversity candidates leave the hiring process to take corrective action.

By embedding diversity measures in your hiring process, executives and other stakeholders can easily understand performance to corporate diversity goals and identify critical trends in near–real time.

  • Remove bias and measure the impact
  • Turn policy into results
  • Promote the culture of transparency today’s workforces demand.

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Candidate Masking
Select the best candidates based on capabilities

Remove bias, provide accountability, and deliver the diversity your board of directors and your workforce demand

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Candidate Masking
Reveal diversity info only to staff who need to see it

Hide all evidence of personal characteristics so hiring managers cannot see age, gender, ethnicity, geography, or other bias-triggering factors.

Eightfold presents potential candidates to hiring managers without any identification of personal characteristics, so that hiring managers evaluate candidates purely on expertise, experiences, merit, potential, and skills. The factors that are hidden, and who they are hidden from, can be configured to match the policies and goals of each organization.

  • Increase hiring of underrepresented groups
  • Remove bias and measure the impact
  • Embed diversity in your hiring process.

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Internal Mobility
Move from employer centric to employee centric

Empower employees to build their careers in your company

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Internal Mobility
Give employees internal career paths & help them reach their goals

87% of employers say that a strategic internal mobility program would increase their employee retention and bring in better candidates, but just 33% of employers have such a program.

Eightfold provides a ranked, matched list of options for a current employee to pursue an internal transfer. Employees can also be notified of relevant opportunities and can apply quickly through the platform.

  • Reduce unwanted attrition, and reduce spending to replace turnover
  • Advance your best people before they leave
  • Direct flight-risk employees to internal opportunities.

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Skills Mentoring
Find the best advisor for every employee

Empower employees to take control and build their careers in your company

Skills Mentoring
A career coach for every employee

Skills Mentoring finds a willing expert within the company to advise an employee based on what the employee wants to learn.

Mentorship encourages each employee to stay in your company and grow their career. AI-enabled mentorship from Eightfold provides the same opportunity to each individual, an inclusive approach that encourages each person to find a mentor unrestricted by their prior relationships and background.

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Eightfold AI Chatbot
Candidate experience starts with your career site

Engage visitors with a built-in chatbot to gain more qualified applications

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Eightfold AI Chatbot
Deploy the most effective talent chatbot

Answer questions and gather candidate information to deliver the full Personalized Career Site experience in the conversational way that many candidates prefer.

This true-AI interactive bot can qualify candidates, collect resumes, and answer questions with meaningful responses regarding skills, job fit, benefits, culture, and more.

  • Increase applications from Gen Z & Millennials
  • Improve your brand with a differentiated candidate experience
  • Deploy a built-in chatbot that does not require a separate implementation lasting weeks or months.

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Career Planner
47% of top talent leave within 2 years, but most would happily stay if given the right opportunity

Give employees internal career paths and help them reach their goals

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Career Planner
Show your staff a career within your company

Eightfold Career Planner enables your employees to understand their career path based on their current role, so they can see their career with your company and gain the confidence to stay and pursue it.

  • Predictive career trajectories offer growth based on potential
  • Greater retention of top performers reduces the need for constant recruitment
  • A career coach for every employee creates an inclusive and encouraging environment.

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Career Site SEO
Present every job to the right audience and reduce spending on job ads

Get candidates to your career site instead of third-party job boards

Career Site SEO
Built-In SEO cuts job board spending

Eightfold builds search engine optimization into your career site, delivering top search rankings without the need for separate spending on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other talent advertising tools.

The Personalized Career Site uses the latest methodologies, placing your career site higher in relevant search rankings. Enterprises using the site can reduce spending on third-party sites that is designed primarily to get search engine rankings in the first page of results.

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