Capability / Career Hub

A Central Destination for Career Development

Deliver comprehensive, real-time, and self-service growth opportunities to every employee.

Personalized development for every employee

Companies need to deliver a consumer-grade experience for employee upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

Career Hub delivers a differentiated employee experience by using Eightfold’s patented AI algorithms to match each employee’s career goals with the opportunities that will help them achieve their aspirations. This is done in real-time, at scale, for a distributed and diverse workforce.

Explore our Talent Intelligence Suite

Talent Acquisition

Eightfold Talent Acquisition instantly identifies the best talent for each role, while delivering personalized, differentiated candidate experiences.

Talent Management

Eightfold Talent Management unlocks workforce potential by aligning each employee’s career aspirations to business strategy.

Talent Flex

Eightfold Talent Flex is an AI-powered solution for HR and procurement organizations to efficiently source and manage high quality contingent workforces at scale.