Capability / Career Planner

Give employees internal career paths and help them reach their goals

47% of top talent leave within 2 years, but most would happily stay if given the right opportunity

Show your staff a career within your company

Eightfold Career Planner enables your employees to understand their career path based on their current role, so they can see their career with your company and gain the confidence to stay and pursue it.

  • Predictive career trajectories offer growth based on potential
  • Greater retention of top performers reduces the need for constant recruitment
  • A career coach for every employee creates an inclusive and encouraging environment

Explore our Talent Intelligence Platform

Talent Acquisition

Eightfold Talent Acquisition instantly identifies the best talent for each role, while delivering personalized, differentiated candidate experiences.

Talent Management

Eightfold Talent Management unlocks workforce potential by aligning each employee’s career aspirations to business strategy.

Talent Flex

Eightfold Talent Flex is an AI-powered solution for HR and procurement organizations to efficiently source and manage high quality contingent workforces at scale.