Capability / Succession Planning

Identify leadership at every level

Proactively manage talent for critical roles and nurture and retain emerging skills 

Identify and grow future leaders with skill-driven succession planning

Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform creates succession planning for every role in the company. Eightfold succession planning combines dynamic skill analysis, talent intelligence, and skill adjacencies to support leaders planning for critical roles. Eightfold’s sophisticated AI also automatically recommends current employees who are best able to step into the role now, should a succession event occur.

Eightfold succession planning considers the skills and potential of each individual, without bias. This helps uncover hidden talent across the organization, and supports workforce planning and diversity efforts. 

Eightfold’s skill based succession planning accelerates talent planning at scale, improves retention, expands the audience, and helps organizations plan for the future.

Explore our Talent Intelligence Platform

Talent Acquisition

Eightfold Talent Acquisition instantly identifies the best talent for each role, while delivering personalized, differentiated candidate experiences.

Talent Management

Eightfold Talent Management unlocks workforce potential by aligning each employee’s career aspirations to business strategy.

Talent Flex

Eightfold Talent Flex is an AI-powered solution for HR and procurement organizations to efficiently source and manage high quality contingent workforces at scale.

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