Hiring talent for skillsets & qualities

In this panel discussion, HR leaders share how organizations are successfully navigating the changing hiring landscape.

Hiring talent for skillsets & qualities

As HR teams scour the job market looking for the best talent, one key offering will be career development opportunities for new employees. By offering employees upskilling and reskilling opportunities, organizations are able to outshine the competition and attract talent that is eager to grow within the company and learn new skills. So, what skillsets do you look for and what can you offer potential candidates?

Tune in to this panel discussion to hear:

  • How offering career development opportunities benefits the employee as well as the business itself
  • What reskilling and upskilling opportunities to offer and where to start
  • How to make a competitive offer that highlights career growth and stability

Note: This content originally appeared during Argyle’s HR Leadership Forum: Next Gen Innovation for HR Leaders on March 14, 2024.

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