Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, on How to Design for Equity


Today’s episode of the show is a little different than usual. Rather than inviting a guest on for a live interview and conversation with Jason and Ligia, our hosts replay the audio from a session with Alaina Percival at the Eightfold’s 2022 Talent Summit, Cultivate. Alaina is Co-Founder and CEO of Women Who Code, a non-profit organization with the goal of providing a site where women can come together to get upskilled.

To kick off the interview, Alaina highlights what Women Who Code is all about. It is the largest and most active community for diverse technical women in the world, serving close to 300,000 members in 134 countries. The organization is deeply committed to access, technical learning, upskilling, and career development all for free or scholarship accessible. The concept became important to Alaina personally because when she decided to learn to code to become more involved in the tech space, she realized that women were deeply underrepresented at senior and executive levels.

Women Who Code works with companies to elevate their profile in their community while including them in the community dynamic too. They put in the hard work to help women worldwide stay invested in their careers, develop a sense of belonging, overcome imposter syndrome and build pure technical skills. Attracting top talent today requires a company to prove that they are an exciting organization that cares about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. On average, women who study a technical role tend to leave technical careers roughly 10 years after they have begun. Addressing this, Alaina urges organizations to be transparent in helping women understand their path within the organization and have clarity about how to achieve new milestones. Women Who Code is working to address the barriers and breakpoints people in the industry worldwide face at the systemic level. As the interview wraps up, Alaina offers advice for women entering the tech field about overcoming imposter syndrome.

Learn more about Alaina Percival and Women Who Code.

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