Future-proof your workforce with Eightfold Talent Upskilling​

Understand every role with Talent Insights

In order to manage talent more effectively, organizations need an in-depth understanding of the skills within their teams and the talent needs of their business. Job Intelligence Engine and global talent insights are critical for comparing skills and roles required for future success.

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Use AI to understand the learnability of each individual

Eightfold helps organizations become future-ready by understanding employees’ professional growth, skills gaps and strengths, and relevant skills to develop.

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Accelerate employee career growth

Eightfold Career Hub allows each individual to create and continuously update their profile with career aspirations and skills, and match them to course and project recommendations, job opportunities, and mentorship programs.

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Suggested positions for internal candidates

Measure and improve Talent Upskilling

Dashboard analytics provide visibility into progress at the individual and organizational levels so you can plan, execute and adjust your upskilling strategies.

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