Eightfold wins the U.S. Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment Challenge to help transitioning military service members find jobs.

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Service members transitioning out of the military have unique capabilities that can bring value to an employer. But it’s often a challenge for employers to understand veterans’ potential career trajectories that map back to these capabilities.
The Technology Needed to Match Employers and Veterans

Micron uses Eightfold’s AI to match veterans with their open opportunities

Companies like Micron use Eightfold’s AI to match veterans with their open opportunities. Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform allows veterans to demonstrate their skills and potential not just on corporate career sites, but throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

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Eightfold Talent Exchange for Veterans

The Talent Exchange matches veterans and spouses with employers. It uses artificial intelligence to help employers translate military skills with potential and capability in an organization. Join the Talent Exchange here.

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The Talent Companies Need
Picking Up Where Military Skills Translators Leave Off

If you’re in the jobs-employment-human resources world, you’ve probably heard of military skills translators. Sometimes under another name, these are tools where you can take a person’s military experience and try to turn it into something that’s useful to employers.

Fortune: Helping Military Veterans Find Jobs

Each year, about 200,000 members of the armed forces leave the military and transition to civilian life. Starting next year, a new software system based on artificial intelligence will help many of these veterans find work.

AI Matches Veterans to Jobs

Learn the story behind how Eightfold was selected by the Department of Labor.