Talent Intelligence Platform™ A Single AI Platform for All Talent

Eightfold’s deep-learning talent intelligence platform is powered by the largest global talent data set to unleash the full potential of the total workforce – employees, candidates, contractors, and citizens.

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AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform™

Why Eightfold / Talent Intelligence Platform

Built by leading AI experts to provide the right career for everyone in the world

Grounded in Equal Opportunity Algorithms, the Eightfold® Talent Intelligence Platform uses deep-learning AI to help each person understand their career potential, and each enterprise understand the potential of their workforce.

Why is Deep Learning AI Important?

Eightfold’s deep learning AI uses neural networks that learn from 1 billion+ profiles, billions of global data points and 1 million+ unique skills to deliver bias-free, data-driven insights.

Explainable AI

Applying the power of global data to each individual

It is impossible to accurately convey a candidate’s experience on a resume, resulting in candidate profiles that lack true assessments of potential.

Powered by the world’s largest source of talent data, Eightfold fills in the gaps by identifying Validated Skills, Likely Skills, Skills to be Validated, and Missing Skills.

Talent Insights

Do I have the best talent for the job?

Enterprise talent maps are static and outdated by the time they are analyzed. Eightfold Talent Insight’s self-refreshing global data set enables companies to identify the prevalence of capabilities on a global scale – which capabilities are increasing, which are diminishing, and where to find people with desired capabilities in real-time.
Capability Dashboard

Understand how your workforce stacks up against the competition

The Eightfold Capability Dashboard enables employers to benchmark their workforce against a global data set to identify capability gaps in their workforce, initiate targeted reskilling and upskilling efforts, and identify individuals with specific skills and demonstrated potential.

Talent Potential

Understand and develop adjacent skills to unlock workforce potential

Eightfold’s deep-learning AI not only delivers a comprehensive understanding of workforce capabilities, but also understands each individual’s capabilities, skills adjacencies, and demonstrated learnability to provide a concrete, future orientation to talent strategy.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Equal Opportunity Algorithms deliver bias-free talent insights

Equal Opportunity Algorithms ensure that each prediction does not create bias against personal or demographic characteristics.

Ease of integrations accelerates time to value

Eightfold’s Professional Services and Talent Transformation teams optimize every configuration and product feature to meet customer requirements.

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Transform how you hire and retain a diverse global workforce. Turn talent into your competitive advantage.