New York Times: Eightfold AI finds people for hard-to-fill roles

New York Times: Eightfold AI finds people for hard-to-fill roles

We started Eightfold because we believe that AI technology has a unique potential to help companies and workers find each other, making the job search process better and solving many of the intractable challenges of modern recruiting.

Our customers are seeing this potential made real. And recently, America’s Newspaper of Record reported on the power of AI in recruiting and talent management. The New York Times prominently featured us in a recent article.

According to the Times:

Thanks to services like Eightfold, which rely on sophisticated algorithms to match workers and jobs, many employers may soon have access to a universe of prospective workers — even for hard-to-fill roles — whom they might not otherwise have come across.

Indeed, our AI can help find talent for roles that have challenged our customers for months—talent they can identify only with Eightfold. It is just a part of the unique power of our artificial intelligence.

The Times also wrote:

The software tool can be especially powerful to an employer intent on expanding a search beyond candidates with conventional experience and qualifications. In that case, a recruiter can specify criteria (like industry and location, and even how likely the candidate is to accept an offer) that would turn up less traditional résumés.

When AI is matching talent with required job skills, companies are likelier to find qualified people outside the restrictions they’ve used in the past. It’s just one way that our AI boosts hiring diversity and empowers recruiters to focus on recruiting instead of searching.

Read the whole article to learn more.

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