February 11, 2021

Our Talent Management Solution Has Been Brought All Together in a ‘Career Hub’

The variety of capabilities of Eightfold AI’s Talent Management solution have all been officially brought together under one central destination for employee careers, called a Career Hub. The Career Hub uses sophisticated AI to give employees a way to manage their careers, and talent leaders a way to align those collective careers with business objectives.

“We all need to think about our careers proactively – constantly evaluating the external circumstances and thinking about the skills we have and could have that will keep us relevant,” said Vicki Walia, Chief Talent and Capability Officer at Prudential Financial. “This is a great way to start that learning journey to hone a new skill or take on a passion project.”

The Eightfold Career Hub is available in 15 languages. For employees, it:

  • Uses AI to keep employee profiles current, automatically updating profiles through integration with collaboration tools, task management systems, project management suites, and other legacy systems. In other words, the technology doesn’t require a heavy lift for employees; it works behind the scenes, for them.
  • When paired with notifications and alerts, gives employees a heads-up about relevant opportunities within their organization.
  • Allows employees to chart their own career paths. They can find opportunities to learn new skills and capabilities based on what their company’s goals are and what their personal aspirations are.
  • Makes it easy to sign up for short-term projects. A “Project Marketplace” helps them find new ways to build their capabilities and experience by teaming up with other employees, including in other departments.
  • Provides a way for employees to find mentors based on each employee’s career goals, as opposed to relying on an informal system of who-knows-who for mentoring. This helps level the playing field that can get lopsided in a hybrid workforce, where some employees are making informal water-cooler connections and others are working virtually.

The Career Hub is particularly valuable for CHROs. Right now, many of them are running a long list of systems, systems which at times don’t integrate well, and lack the true AI (Eightfold’s patented, deep-learning AI involves 1.5 billion anonymized resumes and job profiles) needed to provide full visibility into each employee’s capabilities.

With Career Hubs deployed, CHROs get deep insight into the capabilities of their workforce — one cohesive view of employees’ potential and capabilities to drive upskilling and reskilling initiatives.