Grow Your Intelligent Enterprise with SAP and Deep Learning AI

Join this leadership roundtable with Holly Quincey, Global Head of Talent Attraction and Solutions of Bayer, Karl Fahrbach, Chief Partner Officer of SAP, and Kamal Ahluwalia, President of Eightfold AI to learn how deep learning AI technologies deliver agile, forward-looking people management strategies for intelligent enterprises.

Reimagine the Use of TA Technology for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Modern talent acquisition teams can deploy emerging technology to discover talent in congested markets, to automate tasks, to build enduring relationships across teams and diverse talent pools, and to reduce hiring bias based on predictable patterns of success. Join Denise Moulton, Vice President, Talent Acquisition Research, and Chris Havrilla, Vice President, HR Technology and Solution Provider Research, as they share their latest research

Hiring for Potential Elevates Inclusion

Smart recruiting technologies today combined with a progressive recruiting team can greatly reduce bias in the hiring process. This includes screening for the skills someone can do today while highlighting their human potential for tomorrow, which can elevate inclusion. Fairness starts with measurement, and companies first need a data strategy before they can effectively execute DE&I equity policies in hiring.