Say hello to IX: A new platform experience designed with a people-first approach

Our new first-in-class AI-powered experience is designed to be easy, insightful, dynamic, and downright fun for the professionals who use it.

Say hello to IX: A new platform experience designed with a people-first approach

Our new first-in-class AI-powered experience is designed to be easy, insightful, dynamic, and downright fun for the talent professionals, employees, and job seekers who use it.

I am excited to share that we have big changes coming to the Eightfold AI Talent Intelligence Platform experience. 

Since the launch of Eightfold, we have focused on empowering people’s work lives through intelligence. Our AI-driven talent intelligence platform empowers everyone to design their careers, learn and grow, and realize their potential. 

We’ve mastered the ability to understand what’s next for individuals, teams, and organizations, so it’s only fitting to think about what’s next for our platform to improve the lives of everyone who uses it every day. 

Now, we’re applying the same AI principles that power our category-defining and award-winning Talent Intelligence Platform to our user experience. By drawing inspiration from the world’s best consumer, AI-powered user experiences, we are entirely reimagining the Eightfold experience.

With Eightfold Intelligent Experience (IX), our team has built an insightful, easy, dynamic, and fun solution for our customers, their job seekers, and their employees. Over the last several weeks, we previewed it with many of our clients at HR Tech, SAP SuccessConnect, and Unleash World and incorporated their feedback. Overall, very high marks to our design team for infusing intelligence into essential business processes. 

Our next-generation user experience will bring people, product, and AI together seamlessly in an improved interface built for the AI era. With Eightfold IX, our customers will benefit from a total experience that is: 

  • Insightful, transparent, and explainable to understand skills, your talent, your business, and your industry better than ever before. 
  • Easy and intuitive, so the platform surfaces the right insights at the right time.
  • Dynamic and personalized based on company and role preferences — tailored to your needs today and tomorrow.
  • Fun and infused with moments of joy at every step of the talent journey.

Say Hello to IX: A New Platform Experience Designed With a People-first Approach


Here’s how our intelligent experience will surface AI to the forefront of platform applications to make work easier, so teams can move faster:

More transparent, explainable insights

We believe an explanation should accompany every match recommendation. When candidates and employees understand why the platform recommends them as a strong fit for a role, they are more likely to apply for the position — and recruiters and hiring managers can feel confident in their hiring or mobility decisions.

Then, by proactively showcasing possible career paths — and identifying skills gaps — people can understand exactly what they need to do to advance to the next level in their career, whether exploring projects in a talent marketplace, finding a mentor, or taking courses. 

With explainable AI and transparent insights that translate into business outcomes, leaders can minimize confusion and trust they are making the most informed talent decisions. Explainable AI is our bread and butter, so it’s only fitting to take this to the next level by showing our users the way. 

Easy navigation to find the right insights at the right time

Employees seeking a new career should understand what is available, why the AI recommends a particular path, and which colleagues are currently in that next role. On the other hand, managers need easy access to insights about their team, including those prime for upskilling, those with strong leadership potential, or even those that may be on the brink of leaving the organization.

We’re giving our users what they want when they want it with a fresh, clean slate to build workspaces that work for them — so that employees can find great growth opportunities, candidates can see the roles that best fit their talents, and managers can support their teams. With IX, surfacing only relevant information and insights for the right person at the right time has never been easier. 

Personalization to adapt to individual preferences

It’s becoming increasingly important for experiences to be self-updating and personalized to each person. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. 

This is where AI-driven productivity comes into play. Every project selected or type of action taken on candidates informs future project or candidate recommendations. For every click in the platform, the experience dynamically adapts to each person’s needs by understanding which insights help them be most effective.

Fun at every step of the talent journey

We’re on a mission to find the right career for everyone in the world. Every interaction on our platform — finding a strong match for a role or discovering new career paths and upskilling opportunities — helps us get closer to this goal.

An intelligent experience that is fun, interactive, and visually rich will invite everyone to explore what’s possible — time and time again. We do this through achievements, engaging animations, and playful imagery and icons.

Rich data and complex algorithms power our AI platform, but our intelligent experience enables everyone to access the power of AI — and have fun with it.

When people and AI work together…

We can accomplish anything with greater efficiency, speed, and scalability to meet the modern demands of today’s work world. And with the help of Eightfold customer and community feedback driving these innovations, our purpose-built AI will be even more impactful, creating incredible talent outcomes one insight at a time.

Thank you for being on this journey with us to invent a future of work that is intelligent by design. We can’t wait to share more in the coming months.

Kamal Ahluwalia is the President of Eightfold AI. Have feedback on our user experience? We want to hear from you! Join our early adopter program to get an exclusive preview of the new Eightfold Intelligent Experience.

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