Candidate Masking – Diversity Best Practice

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Adopt diversity best practices, and take effective action to reach your diversity goals
Hiring bias occurs 35% of the time during in-person interviews. Candidate masking reduces hiring biases.

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Candidate Masking
Reveal diversity info only to staff who need to see it

Hide all evidence of personal characteristics so hiring managers cannot see age, gender, ethnicity, geography, or other bias-triggering factors.

Eightfold presents potential candidates to hiring managers without any identification of personal characteristics, so that hiring managers evaluate candidates purely on expertise, experiences, merit, potential, and skills. The factors that are hidden, and who they are hidden from, can be configured to match the policies and goals of each organization.

  • Increase hiring of underrepresented groups
  • Remove bias and measure the impact
  • Embed diversity in your hiring process.

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