Innovative AI

Eightfold CEO & Co-Founder Ashutosh Garg on how AI is a game changer in identifying people's skills and potential.

Innovative AI

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The future of hiring and managing talent is brighter with AI.

AI has suddenly become one of the most important issues in the world and certainly in the role of HR, what role do you see eightfold playing in this transformation?

We started the company six years back, and our key thesis was employment is the most fundamental thing in our society. And our thing was that can we actually use the power of AI and machine learning to understand people’s potential, not what they have done, but what they can do next.

So that we can live in the world of skills, we can really understand the skill capability of every individual. This is a full as a last one year as he has become an automotive industry. There are two things that are happening. One is the rate at which AI is maturing, enabling a number of processes that can be taken over by AI.

And in that case, it fully AI is playing a leading role in assisting HR professionals in doing their job in a more consistent, unbiased fashion on one side, but second is with the changes in AI coming in. Every role in the world is changing, how I’m doing my job, how you’re doing your job, how are you in essence doing their job, and the implication of that is now HR professionals have taken the front seat in guiding the organization in this changing world of AI.

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