AI-driven talent intelligence

Andrea Shiah joins Matt Alder to discuss latest use cases for AI in talent acquisition, and how it is driving skills based decision making.

AI-driven talent intelligence

Expanding candidate pools, speeding up the recruiting process, and diversity hiring are all key talent acquisition challenges in 2022. While technology is never a magic fix-everything solution, it is becoming evident that as AI becomes more sophisticated, it can offer employers some of the tools needed to meet these challenges.

So what are the latest use cases for AI in talent acquisition, and how is it driving skills-based decision-making?

In this podcast, Jason Cerrato joins Matt Alder to share insights into the change AI drives in talent acquisition and recruiting.

In this interview, learn:

  • What it takes to be successful in the current recruiting landscape
  • Modernizing talent acquisition
  • Speeding up recruiting using skills intelligence and automation
  • The danger of leaving the strongest candidates on the table
  • Using adjacent skills to broaden candidate pools
  • DE&I and skills based decision making

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