Beneficial AI

Eightfold CEO & Co-Founder Ashutosh Garg explains how we maintain privacy and security with a skills-focused approach.

Beneficial AI

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How our AI works for good throughout the talent experience.

How do you maintain privacy and security and all of these really important decisions that need to be made?

At the heart of this is it’s not about an individual. It’s not about who’s John or Mary. It is about skills. What is skill a person has, how these skills are developing over time, how this is reflected in the success they are having in their job, and what is it leading to their future development? So it’s really all about that. So as it would when we say we talk about a billion of people we really think of it as billion career trajectories, how different people have progressed, right? So we anonymize all the PII stuff about these people, and we focus on their capabilities, their skills, their potential and their career development.

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