Unlocking the power of Talent Intelligence: A definitive guide

Why is Talent Intelligence so critical today, and how are companies using it to drive business outcomes and invest in AI for good?

Unlocking the power of Talent Intelligence: A definitive guide

In August 2023, Aptitude Research conducted a “Talent Intelligence” survey that attracted responses from over 100 CHROs, marking a participation rate nearly three times higher than previous surveys targeting C-level executives. This surge of interest in Talent Intelligence is undeniably being driven by HR leadership.

However, amidst the growing demand, there exists considerable confusion regarding what Talent Intelligence truly represents and what it can accomplish. Every provider with access to data seems to be introducing their version of Talent Intelligence, further muddying the waters. Astonishingly, despite 72% of companies increasing their investment in Talent Intelligence this year, we find that:

  • 28% of companies are unclear about how to define it.
  • 27% are uncertain about the solutions providers offer.

Genuine Talent Intelligence has a transformative impact, benefiting both employers and individuals. It has the potential to redefine how companies recruit and retain talent, offering profound insights through the power of skills and AI, all the while supporting agile work environments. Additionally, it empowers employees and individuals to be recognized for their full potential and learnability, thereby creating more avenues for career development, equity, and enriched experiences.

However, to achieve these transformative goals, companies must navigate through the existing noise and misinformation and unite under a common understanding of what Talent Intelligence entails and the value it brings.

This report, based on data collected by Aptitude Research in August and September 2023, aims to standardize the definition of Talent Intelligence and provide answers to the following crucial questions:

WHY is Talent Intelligence so critical today?

  • Exploring the driving forces behind Talent Intelligence.
  • Defining the concept of Talent Intelligence.
  • Harnessing the potential of skills through investment.

HOW are companies using Talent Intelligence to drive business outcomes?

  • Identifying practical use cases for Talent Intelligence.
  • Overcoming challenges through a skills-based approach.
  • Investing in AI for good.
  • Understanding the tangible business impact of Talent Intelligence.


  • Madeline Laurano, Founder and Chief Analyst, Aptitude Research
  • Xabi Ormazabal, Global Vice President of Product Marketing, Eightfold AI

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