Intelligent Experience

The New Eightfold Experience,
designed for the AI Era

It’s time for a new look at talent intelligence – Introducing Eightfold IX, the next generation of the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform that brings people, software, and AI together seamlessly in an insightful, dynamic, and fun experience that makes work easier. So we can find the right career for everyone in the world – one job, one insight, one career path at a time.


Utilize transparent insights to understand your talent, your business, and your industry

We believe that AI-driven insights should never be separated from an explanation. When users understand the how or why behind a recommendation, not only are they more likely to take the next step but they can feel more confident in their decision making throughout their talent processes.


AI-driven productivity means finding the right information, at the right time, for the right person

We don’t want to overwhelm our users with data – users should see the most relevant information when it’s actually needed, or in the right context. With a simple, intelligent interface IX can help recruiters, sourcers, and hiring managers move faster with useful insights at each step.


Enjoy a self-updating experience that is tailored to your needs today, and tomorrow

In order to stay ahead of change, users need a user experience that keeps up with or stays ahead of their needs. IX listens to and responds to user signals to personalize their experience – everything from which projects someone chooses to which elements they interact with or if a candidate makes it to the next phase helps IX tailor their experience.


Explore a new experience that sparks joy at every step of talent journey

The wins in talent deserve to be celebrated and enjoyed. Which is why we’re building in moments of fun and delight throughout IX. Our talent intelligence platform enables everyone to access the power of AI, and we want to make sure they have some fun with that along the way.

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