Josh Bersin: The Future Workforce Will be Driven by Talent Intelligence

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Today’s episode of the show features Josh Bersin, one of the leading global HR industry analysts and advisors. Josh joins the show to give the low-down on how HR leaders can be more strategic with talent and better utilize the talent right under our noses – especially given the current economy.

Before jumping into the main topic for the episode, listeners have a chance to learn more about Josh himself and why he found success in this career. His non-linear career path has taken him from engineering and academia to tech, product marketing, a season of contract work, and much more. Ultimately, Josh’s winding career has developed in the context of economic shifts and has allowed him to learn what best suits him over time.

Next, Josh shares his thoughts on the current economy, how digital transformation is leading to industry reinvention, and why workforce mental health is now a prominent issue. As a result, organizations need to shift how they look at talent – a change to what Josh and his colleagues call systemic HR. Systemic HR brings together recruiting, re-skilling, retention, and reengineering into an interlocked unit bound by a talent intelligence system. 

Within an organization, Josh says, HR’s talent intelligence function should not be thought of as a new thing but rather as a tool for bringing together functions like workforce planning and people/sourcing analytics into a system that will help facilitate better decision making. The system also fits well with the HR function’s transition toward a more consultative, design-focused role and away from transactional tasks. 

Next, Josh explains how HR’s talent intelligence system will draw staff interest and company leaders’ support and details how the design fits in with other systems. After offering advice for companies exploring interest in a talent intelligence strategy, he finally comments on how to get involved with the GWI Project and, on a very different note, his childhood dream of being an astronaut!

In September, Josh Bersin will introduce new research on Talent Intelligence and unveil findings from their in-depth studies on the Healthcare and Banking industries at HR Tech. 


Learn more about Josh Bersin and the GWI project on Josh’s website

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